1. Two-photon guided in-vivo patch clamp recordings from behaving animals

In-vivo two photon stack of the visual cortex of an awake somatostatin-cre X Ai9 mouse taken from the pial surface up to layer IV at 3 micron increments.

In-vivo whole cell recording (cell in red) of a L2/3 cortical neuron labeled with the calcium indicator Oregon Green BAPTA (cells labeled in green.)


2. Mapping of visual cortical receptive fields.
3. In-vivo two photon calcium imaging of large cortical networks

In-vivo two photon calcium imaging of spontaneous neuronal activity in the unanesthetized developing (P4) mouse cerebral cortex.

in-vivo two-photon imaging using genetically encoded calcium indicator GCAMP6.

4. Simultaneous in-vitro slice recordings from up to four connected cortical neurons.


5. Whole cell and juxtacellular recording and labeling of hippocampal neurons in awake behaving mice.

Hippocampal pyramidal neuron recorded from and labeled with Neurobiotin in the awake behaving mouse.

6. Calcium imaging with custom-made miniaturized microscopes in freely moving mice ( (in collaboration with Baljit Khakh, Dejan Markovic, and Alcino Silva).