• Our RO1 grant "Unstable nucleus accumbens social representations underlying decreased social motivation in models of autism" in collaboration with the Hong lab has been funded! We will study nucleus accumbens and prefrontal cortical neural dynamics during social interaction and social reward tasks in two models of autism.

  • Our UO1 grant "Open-source 2-photon miniaturized microscopes for large field of view and volumetric imaging" in collaboration with Vaziri, Shtrahman, Aharoni, Churchland, Blair labs has been funded! We will build large field of view open-source miniaturized microscopes for mice and larger volumetric 2P imaging scopes for rats and other larger animals.

  • Jiannis Taxidis’s paper "Differential Emergence and Stability of Sensory and Temporal Representations in Context-Specific Hippocampal Sequences" is published in Neuron.

  • Our RO1 application in collaboration with Dean Buonomano’s lab and with Jiannis Taxidis as co-Investigator on "Multiplexing working memory and timing: Encoding retrospective and prospective information in transient neural trajectories" has been funded!

  • Tristan Shuman’s paper "Breakdown of spatial coding and interneuron synchronization in epileptic mice" is published in Nature Neuroscience.