Lab News

1. September 2015: BRAIN Initiative Grant  to build and share a new generation of miniaturized microscopes funded!! (in collaboration with Alcino Silva, Baljit Khakh, Dejan Markovic)


2. September 2015: IDDRC Center Grant Main Project (Co-PI with Shifali Jeste) funded!  We will study cortical and hippocampal network activity in two models Dup15q syndrome.


3. April 21st, 2015:  Ben Huang’s co-first author collaborative paper with the Khakh lab on astrocytic calcium dynamics published in Nature Neuroscience!


4. April 10th, 2015: Maria Lazaro’s review paper on the Utility of Mouse Models of Autism published in Current Opinions of Neurology!


5. March 2015: Peyman Golshani promoted to Associate Professor!


6. September 2014: Pierre-Olivier Polack starts his tenure-track Assistant Professor job at Rutgers University!  Wishing him the best!


7. November 2013: Pablo Garcia Junco-Clemente’s paper on functional changes to visual cortex in the PTEN model of autism published in PNAS!


8. July 2013: Pierre-Olivier Polack’s paper on the cellular mechanisms of brain state dependent gain modulation published in Nature Neuroscience!