Research Projects

  • Emergence of population delay-related activity driving working memory in hippocampal and cortical regions
    (Arash Bellafard and Conor Dorian)
  • Changes in hippocampal population dynamics during learning of a spatial navigation task
    (Ronen Reshef and Mina Shahi)
  • Prefrontal, accumbens, and hippocampal activity patterns driving social behavior in health and autism
    (Pingping Zhao and Samara Miller)
  • Development of large field-of view miniaturized two-photon microscope
    (Blake Madruga)
  • Discovering role of local and hierarchical networks in inference of cognitive (latent) and volatile external (sensory) task variables
    (Karen Safaryan)
  • Contributions of discrete prefrontal neuronal populations to the encoding of decision outcomes
    (Douglas Vormstein-Schneider and Zoƫ Day)
  • Applying novel voltage imaging techniques to study the relationship between population spiking activity and subthreshold potentials in different hippocampal cell types
    (Liron Sheintuch and Diego Espino)
  • Applying miniaturized two-photon microscopy to study neural mechanisms underlying spatial memory
    (Long Yang)
  • Analyzing neuron activities within iPSC-differentiated neurons to elucidate the correlation between Autism and neuron synaptic interactions
    (Yan Jin)